Six Word Saturday Finally it Rained

Coming from the south, triple digits during the summer are generally a norm especially considering the heat index. But here in the midwest, it is not a norm but is this a sign of the times? Global warming and such? Don’t know, I am just glad we got a break from this three week oppression and temperatures of relief. However…

My petunias did seem to catch the brunt of the deluge. But I am sure they will bounce back in better form.

Come join in with Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and share a smile with all of us.

In closing I remind everyone of the relief we receive from Kindness. It is like a cool wash of relief on a hot summer day.

3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday Finally it Rained

  1. Yay for rain and a break in the heat. We had only a few days of that weather. Knock on wood! The corn is armpit high instead of knee-high by the 4th of July. Interestingly though – the corn that didn’t get the spray from the farmer is more knee-high? 🤔🤨 Petunias are resilient and do bounce back. With your TLC they’ll be blooming until winter!


  2. I like that you included part of the wooden post and the metal part. I think it adds to the photo’s appeal. We live in Arizona and finally got some rain last night, although paltry by your standards, I’m sure, maybe 1/4″+. But it was very welcome.


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