Six Word Saturday Finally it Rained

Coming from the south, triple digits during the summer are generally a norm especially considering the heat index. But here in the midwest, it is not a norm but is this a sign of the times? Global warming and such? Don’t know, I am just glad we got a break from this three week oppression and temperatures of relief. However…

My petunias did seem to catch the brunt of the deluge. But I am sure they will bounce back in better form.

Come join in with Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and share a smile with all of us.

In closing I remind everyone of the relief we receive from Kindness. It is like a cool wash of relief on a hot summer day.

Brightness Of Red In The Snow

Even though it is cold and snowing…again, there is amazing beauty in nature as the birds with red show up at the feeder. The red is really bright.

Woodpecker and cardinal

Debbie Smyth challenged us again with Six Word Saturday, so since it is snowing again I thought it appropriate to share the snow.

And in closing I always remind anyone reading to be kind. It can be the hardest and most rewarding thing you can do.