For the love of … Blogging

What is there to love about blogging?? To some it is a daily routine, trying to figure out what I am doing, why am I doing it, who would  read it? Who really cares?  So much silly pressure for a task that can be such fun.

I remember a guy dated in high school. He was such a gifted wood worker and I never understood why he would not pursue it as a career. We ended up going to the same college(both with different girl/boy friends by that time) but he ended up studying journalism. I asked him why he did that when his passion was for woodwork. He told me that because of his deep voice(yea, it was nice if you like that kinda thing. I do) he knew he would be good on camera and the money was good. His wood working was his love and he didn’t want to get where he hated it by having to do it to survive. OK I can understand that. I think all things in life can be that way, if you look at it as a drudgery you will no longer enjoy it.

When I was pregnant with my middle child, my daughter, I had blood pressure issues so it required more downtime. Now for those of us who are a bit on the hyper side, that is a huge request. You might as well asked me to go in the corner.

akid corner
Not Big J

Sorry but the picture reminds me of a story that only a mother could love. My oldest was put in the corner in KINDERGARTEN.  Back then they were just discovering what ADD was and how to help kids and teachers in the classroom. Any, my son totally entertained himself with a piece of string he found in  his pocket. So the punishment did nothing for him. OK, we are off track.

Getting back on track, while I had to have down time I started journaling/writing. (It was before computers were in ever home.) I put it down ponce she was born and did not pick it back up until I retired.

Wouldn’t you to be here right now?

So now that computers are involved, the journaling is now called blogging. I love it because it gives me the opportunity write what ever comes to my mind. I am not worried about what other may think because let be serious, I am not going to write about stuff that sets people off. Face Book does enough of that. I use blogging to share my view of the beauty of this world. Is there bad stiff going on, absolutely but we can not allow that to drive us. We need to grab those silver linings and hang onto to them with all our might. Look at all the beautiful photographs that flow through this system. Amazing. Some are professional and then there are telephone camera people like me.

phone funny
Those of you in my era will get this funny.

Bedside that, think of all the people you meet across the world. You can’t let the numbers of followers and all those stats drive you. Enjoy what you do and it will grow as it needs to grow.

A shout out to Shelley of Quaint Revival who created this challenge for us newbies to help us grow. Have a great week.

Remember to always be kind.


4 thoughts on “For the love of … Blogging

  1. I adore the photos you chose to go along with your story – that phone one – LOL! You’re a great storyteller, by the way, I enjoy how you weave your life experiences in and out of each post you write.


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