Clippety-clop…#1 Liner Wednesdays

What a funny word used generally for the sound a horse makes with his hooves as he walks across a hard surface. Being raised around horses, I never really heard that sound.


And there is the rat-tat-tat of a woodpecker.Or how about the clickety-clack a train makes going down the train track. The ribbon rails of today probably changed that sound.


It always strikes me funny how we try to turn sounds into words. Or colors into numbers, what? Sorry, that was a music flashback…the color 9.

There are times you just can’t put life into words but yet we all know exactly what each other is talking about. It shows interconnection of likeness. What a concept. If we allow ourselves to be real for just a moment we realize just how very similar we are. How sounds, sights, smells…joys and fears affect us. Turning these into words can drive our emotions, from our heart and inner most places. And sharing the words with others can do many things. It can bring joy or laughter to a hurting soul. It can bring rage and disgust and spring people into action of an injustice. It can calm a harried spirit and bring peace sad and depress heart.

I think those of us who use words try to hard to make sure the words make sense and to draw the reader into what we are trying to convey. And therefore we can put ourselves into a holding pattern of uncertainty. Sometime the message just doesn’t make sense to the masses and only to the writer.  But the writer needs to tell his message hoping that somewhere it may resonate with one person.

Shelley‘s challenge for today is a subject I have yet to encounter. A holding pattern. I am just too new at it yet to get stuck. I look at nature and old photos and currently have lots of ideas. But I am also aware that those days will come. And hope I learn enough form those more experienced to avoid a too long of holding pattern.

On Linda Hills #1 liner Wednesday, she threw out a funny word that brought this post to life. And there have been many beautiful pictures from photo bloggers like Debbie, Irene, Jansen, Xenia & Scifihammy. I shout to all of you for allowing me to enjoy what you do.


Remember in all things be Kind. I say this mostly as a reminder to me for anything I do.

One thought on “Clippety-clop…#1 Liner Wednesdays

  1. Enjoyable post, Anita! I love the twists and turns you took with it to tie several prompts together! Great job! PS – glad to read you haven’t hit a holding pattern yet!!!!!


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