JustJoJan/#1 Liner Wed, Happy New Year

Its the start of a new day, a new month, a new year and a new decade. Lets start it off with a reminder in scripture – be transformed by renewing your minds. Romans 12:2

Come join in on Linda’s January fun of Just Jot January and try to post each day. She will prompt us, so come play.


And as always I remind you of how your actions always reflect who your are or want to be, So be kind. Start the new year with a new lease on life and spread kindness like butter.


kind unexpected



Fandango’s Question as a 1 Liner

Today’s Provocative Question from Fandango ties right in with a possible 1 liner from Linda Hill.

Would you be willing to give up everything you have if you could go back and start your life all over again? Why or why not?

The answer is No. It is our past that makes our present.  Scripture tells us that through our trials we gain strength and preserver onward. While trials, problem or difficulties we may come across can be hard we have a choice – we own it or it owns us. I chose to be the owner and through the grace of God, preserver.

If you live in the US, may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you do not then have a wonderful week and may you remember to always be kind.

kindness warmth


Clampet-ville, One Liner Wednesday

My yard is no longer Clampet-ville.

You probably have to be familiar with American TV in the 60s to understand that phrase but my yard is no long looking like Clampet hillbilly junkyard poor mess.

I was a quality manager of a bucket manufacturer, my daughter had a new puppy that needed a fenced-in yard so rejected buckets filled with sand became a wall fence for a short dog, similar to this…for 5 years…enough.

This section still not finished

But these 3 areas are finished and looking great.

The new wall, a real wall
The side wall next to my Clampet-ville neighbors

I still have work to do here but its looking better. Neighbor over growth encroachment.

And last but not least as this was an 8 foot high over growth…you can see how bad it is still with my Clampet-ville neighbors. Enough already.

They still need to bring in more rock

They even found a ground hog living in that mess; the damage they can cause. Well this is my One Liner submission this week. Come join along with Linda’s fun prompt and play with 1 Liner Wednesday.

And as always, as you go through this day, always remember to be kind. You just might be that bright sunshine for someone’s dreary day.

flower kind1

Things You Forget, #1LinerWed

Things you forget when you see the preciousness of a new puppy and have been wanting one, like no sleep, cleanup detail, making you home puppy proof and toys all over the floor.

Playing with big sister Mimi
Living the good life…doesn’t take long to get spoiled

And as always I remind us all the value of kindness, not just because there may be cuteness around you but because in all things God shows his love to us to reflect it to others.

kind smiles

Linda G Hill’s One Liner Wednesday is a good quick break for mid week. Come join in.