Do You Believe in Miracles, #1LinerWed

Good morning friends. Hope you are all well this morning. I bring you bits of encouragement today hoping to ease a small part of your anxieties and fears. I create these encouragements each day for my church friends and thought I would share this one with you.

Yesterday I saw something that really made me think about things a little differently. It reminded me that people are all at different levels of belief in Christ and as long as we love them at the level that they are at, they will continue to grow and they will get to where they need to be when they get there. It can not be forced or it looses it value.
If we pay close attention to everything around us, we can see God’s miracles everywhere. Miracles are not always profound acts of God but sometimes seemingly insignificant happenings that when several of them come together at the same time create a miracle for someone needing it.
As an example: A virus has swept the globe, closed business, shut people inside and closed churches. Is the church a building really closed, NO! The church is strong and look how we have come together as a family to support each other, all over the world. Through technology we are sharing love, kindness and togetherness in ways we would have never thought before. Some people are going out of their way and their own safety zones to provide things for others who don’t have the ability to provide for themselves.
Helping the elderly
Medical personnel
Letters of encouragement and kindness
Every day is a miracle and miracles are God’s way of showing us He is always here. 
While we are praying for a miracle to help us get though this, look around, they are happening all around us. We just need His eyes to see it. May you see His love around you today.
As we look around in hope of catching a glimpse of God’s love at work, remember to always be kind.
kind unexpected
Linda G Hill gives us fun prompt for hump day with One Line Wednesdays to help us get to the second half of the week. Come join in on the fun.

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