Favorite Reads?? Cant List ’em All

According to Shelley’s challenge for today I am to list 3 favorite reads and why. I can’t really list three as superior as they have all been wonderful. I guess I may be able to list three that had something that fascinated me more than some others due to touching my heart in a unique way. In  no particular order I will do my best to highlight 3 and maybe you will understand why I chose these 3.

The photographers who blogs I follow have extraordinary talent making me want to get my camera back out when I am released to fully walk from my surgeries in the spring.

Debbie Smyth from Traveling with Intent has a lot of fabulous pictures from her travels around the world. But one of my favorites is from the salt mines of Austria. The pictures of that mine are neat but I am fascinated by oldest ladder which is 400 meters down inside the earth.  It’s was built by miners  in 1344 BC, that’s 3,350 years ago, and made of wood.  The constant temps may being a reason why it is able to reserve the woods condition. The time when this was built was when everything was done by the sweat of the brow and the strength of your back. Think about what it took to accomplish that back then.

Oldest Ladder in the World

My next entry as it were is a rule breaker as its a double entry. Same blogger  but two separate entries similar in nature. I am an avid animal lover and Paul Handover Learning from Dogs posted how conservation abilities have shown increase in numbers of wolves and tigers. Wildlife is so very important to the survival of man, we need each other to exist on this earth.


The last one that I will mention is from Unashamed of Jesus in the current study of Revelations, Chapter 5. Now I am fully aware that not everyone shares my views and beliefs but from my heart this post was very poignant showing the Trinity of God, the wonders of Heaven and the magnificent love of Christ.

Now I am fairly new at blogging, only a few months in with only 55 post under my belt. That being said, I have read well over 1000 posts and trying to find 3 favorites from those is almost impossible. Everyone does such a wonderful job or else none of us would still be here, so KUDOS to everyone for a job well done.

And in closing I remind myself the importance of always being kind. Have a blessed Sunday.

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