I Have No Idea!?! #SoCS, 30 Day Challenge

Linda Hills Stream of Consciousnesses Saturday prompt is “dom”. What an interesting prompt. There are many thought process with this. You have -dom as a suffix forming nouns that denote a state or condition like freedom.  Then there are those that denote status or ranking earldom.  Others denote attitudes associated with a class of people like officialdom.

Dom is an old English term meaning decree or judgement. It was also used as a prefix to the name of some Roman Catholic dignitaries and monks.

When I first saw this prompt my  brain as wacky as it is went in a totally different direction of the actor Dom DeLuise. My memories of his movies always make me smile.

He was bigger than life on screen and even after he is now gone, people still talk about the gentle soul he was and the way he brought a smile in any room he entered. What an epitaph to have.

I have been working on the 30 day Challenge for new bloggers with Shelley’s Quaint Revival and it has been informative and challenging me to learn new things. We are on the downhill slope with today’s challenge to find fresh ideas to write about. Hence for the title ‘I have no idea’. The challenges, I have found, are a fun way to do just that. It helps you think outside the box. But ideas are everywhere. You just need to look for them and recognize the tiniest idea, as in flowers still blooming when  the temp had a freak drop from the 80s to the 50s.

Moon Flower, night bloomer, guess it forgot to go to bed

Everything you see that causes a emotional response from you, where it be awe in beauty surrounding you, a brand new baby, the interesting thoughts that cross the mind of a street painter, the beauty and contrasts of art through a photographers eye and even the sadness we see in everyday life. All of this can be pulled into the minds eye for writing about. Now that you have an idea, the hard part comes, putting it into words. But not really. What does your heart tell you about this idea. Put a fresh spin on it that others may not see and run with it. Some may like it, some may not but if you come from your heart then you will like. And as I have read from other bloggers, if you don’t like it, no one else will. We are all interconnected at some level. We may not agree with all that you wrote but there may be parts that we like that get is thinking. And that is kind of  the reason we do this right, to connect with fellow bloggers. Don’t over think it. Find it, explore it, use it, enjoy it and don’t be afraid of it.

But like I say at the end of each of my posts, more to myself, always be kind. Kindness grows kindness.

Have a wonderful weekend.

2 thoughts on “I Have No Idea!?! #SoCS, 30 Day Challenge

  1. Woohoo! Way to find an idea and run with it! Love the flower that you found too. We had 34 degrees this morning and somehow some of my flowers lasted too. I always enjoyed Dom Deluise too, he was a great entertainer. Only 2 more days to go on this challenge – you’re doing spectacular keeping up with it and I hope you have learned something about what YOU want for your blog as you continue on!


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