Garbage in – Garbage out


Are there times when you just don’t have the right subject to talk about and what comes out seems like garbage. Maybe you are not feeling well or like for me and last night, did not sleep well so you are a bit out of sorts. It can be very much like eating too much junk food – garbage in equals garbage out.

More Yuk

I know when I was still working and I needed to create a new proposal or a new procedure I always placed it in a file to review a little later, then go do something totally different and return later to review it to see if anything needs changing.

Sometime deadlines do not allow for wait and review time. In blogging the challenges push us to be creative and some days it just ain’t there! On those days some of our less effective works are created. But that is OK because even on those days there may be one single person that may be inspired by something you said or a picture you posted.

So don’t give up or get frustrated because you can’t hit a home run every day. Enjoy what you do and always look for the ray of sun shining through the possible cloud of ‘what am I doing next?’

Shelley of Quaint Revival has challenged us newbies to face the garbage we may make and move through it. Even the garbage if placed/buried correctly can turn into a beautiful garden.


Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your friendships and remember to always be kind.

Flour? or Flower? Power #SoCS 9/22/18

The English language plays tricks on us with words that sound the same  but have totally different spelling and meaning. Homonyms are a real difficult trait for those trying to learn our language. For instance a red flower is beautiful but if you have red flour it may mean that you and the knife had an argument in how to cut up the chicken you are going to fry and you lost. Or you can say this sentence ‘The read flower is beautiful’ which makes no sense because you can’t read a flower. Now you have stepped into homographs. Two words that are spelled the same but have different meanings and may sound different.


No wonder people get confused trying to learn English and we are not even talking about the difference between England’s English versus America’s English plus the difference in each areas slang English or local English dialect of each region. And then there are other nations who have English as a second language. I worked for a Korean company for over 9 years in Alabama where there are strong ‘southernism’. Now a southernism is where you take half of one word and half of another word and push them together and make a new word but you say it so fast that people not use to the way you speak will just look at you like a deer in headlights. I think I have used most of these at least one(hundred thousand) time(s).


My boss was Korean and he learned to understand how I talked. When his boss would come down for a meeting, he would look to my boss and ask ‘what did she say’. After a couple of years, they acclimated to being able to understand us. Even some joined in on the southernism.

Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday gave us a prompt to play with of flower/flour. Come join in on the fun and see how you can play with these two words.



The Best Of …. Me

Skeeter at Work
Skeeter C Clown

Do you have a favorite part of your life you like the ‘best’. Something that makes you feel this is good. Above is Skeeter C. Clown, the C. stands for Christ in hopes of being able to share God’s love where ever I go play. This is my favorite part of me. Nobody knows who I am except for those who already know me. I belong to a small section of my large clown troupe that does ministry at hospital and nursing homes. What a blessing to be able to share joy to those who feel trapped in poor health either momentarily or permanently. I feel that if I have brought a smile and 5 minutes of forgetfulness of their situation, then I have done my best.

There are a lot of ways we can bring our best to anything we do. Some of the photographers who’s blogs I have read are magnificent. Some of the words of encouragement I have read in blogger’s post or even the encouraging feedback I have received reflect the best of us. One tip I got when first starting was ‘Be yourself’. One tip I read on Shelley’s Quaint Revival post today that she received from John of The Sound of One Hand Typing‘s helpful tips was “Write what you like and like what you write. If you don’t like what you write, few others will.” This is very sound advice. Not everybody is going to like you and what you say every time. I have had some negative responses because I am true to me. I don’t take the negative to heart. We are all different but we can all be our best and when being our best, we will grow.

There are days when we ourselves are not our best and those days we can create garbage – but that is for tomorrows discussion. But I fully believe, even though we may think the ‘today’s post was not my best’, there may be someone out there that liked what you said and just maybe you brought a smile of encouragement to help them through what they may be going through at that time. Even when we are posting a not so happy subject it could be the best post that day of your group of friend bloggers because it rang true with lots of people. you never know.

I am a newbie at blogging but not at life and I believe the same principle holds true and it goes along with something I was preached to as a child – If you can not say anything true, say nothing at all. If you can’t say anything nice then leave the room.

I am finding in blogging that we are all reaching for new friendships to share the things we are interested in, whether it be in art, photography, science, religion, the list goes forever. People enjoy conversation in like minded things. And through the advancement of computer technology, we can now reach around the world. But if we fail in being kind, respectful, honest and encouraging then we will fail at being our best and probably will not do well at blogging.

For anyone that is newer than me, the blogging challenges help you figure out what you are doing and Shelley’s has been good for me. It probably would be for you as well. Come join along. There are many other challenges and prompts to help you learn and grow in the blogging world so join in those as well. Ones that I enjoy are Linda G Hill’s One Liner Wednesdays and Stream of Consciousness Saturdays. Others are Norms 2.0 Thursdays Doors which I hope to play in once I get back to walking correctly. There are other photo challenges I hope to investigate as well.

For mow enjoy the beautiful sunset I had today as I was writing this. And remember above all else Be Kind.

Sunset in Iowa

Excuse the bucket wall along the back steps – It keeps the small dog safe.


Challenges – Gardening, Blogging and Life

So I knew it was going to be rough on my flowers without the care I usually give them while I have been recovering from surgery. But mums are resilient, right?? There was sufficient rain except the last 2 weeks but with that being said – why did the tomato plant that was thrown away before surgery due to mostly being dead is now looking great. Really? Gardening can really be a challenge in various levels, especially for those of us who are doing it just for fun and are not real experienced.

Just like the challenges of blogging, we are exploring it many facets and learning as we go. Shelley of Quaint Revival 30 Day Challenge for newbies concentrates today on blogging challenges. Challenges and ping back opportunities are great ways to help you learn about blogging but I was easily trapped periodically by the many rabbit holes that would take you into the many directions making me forget my original search.

End to the hole??

But what I have discovered about blogging and myself is there is an entire world out there to remind me of some of the things I use to love but had to lock away due to raising 3 children by myself and being in a high stress profession demanding more than the 8-5 requirements. A balancing act required for my life at the time.

That rolls us into the challenges of life. They can be daunting, scary, wonderful and always amazing in  more ways imaginable. We must always face those challenges with honesty and encouragement that the outcome will be worth the challenge. Always remember if God lead you to it, it will see you through it. If we stay positive in all that we do, surrounding all of those we meet along the way with gentleness, compassion and understanding think how much good energy we can spread across the world.

Always be Kind, regardless of any challenge that may slap you in the face.

Freedom Has Arrived #1LinerWeds

Wow, to be housebound for 6 weeks and now being let out to ‘somewhat’ roam is a wonderful taste of freedom. I will combine this post to two separate challenges – One for Linda G Hills One Liner Wednesdays  for ‘perception is everything’ and Shelley’s Quaint Revival 30 Day Challenge for new bloggers using prompts to keep us going.

I realize it is late, but technically it is still Wednesday here in Iowa. Its 5:30, the sun is still shinning, so I am dual submitting. So my perception is that there is still enough time.

The Dr. has released me from the roll around cart on Monday to be able to flat walk on the heel while still wearing the protective boot. So my perception is I am free, although my daughter was not happy I drove without her perceiving for herself that I would be OK. But what a wonderful prompt to encourage me out of the house, into the car and I actually went to bible study today and got to connect with friends. The word prompt has so many uses but in reality the same meaning – to push us into action.

A lot of what I am finding that is prompting me in blogging is photography from other bloggers. I love seeing what prompts their eye to focus in on a subject. The beauty and interest they see is prompting me to pull out my camera and start enjoying what I see. Especially since now that I am retired. Time for fun…when I can walk safely again. Will have to wait until spring as the other foot is schedule for same surgery in late November. (Sigh) Poor balance from crooked bones is what is prompting the surgeries. We will see if it really helps or am I just getting the ‘O’ word…(old).

Ah, well…onward we go in this life of still uncharted waters.


For the Love of …Father or Daddy

Have you ever though about the difference between a father and a daddy. In my thought process they are worlds apart. One is formal, one is casual, once is authoritarian one is involving. I made a drawing as a youth once for my father that puts that thought process in a nutshell. Anyone can father a child but it take someone special to be a daddy. There are daddy’s in families that did not father the children in the family but they are the father role models for the family.


But there is another father I want to speak of. Our Heavenly Father. The ultimate father authoritative figure. That  figure sometimes scares people away because they do not understand it. As with the earthly fathers, he only wants whats is best for us and is not happy sometimes when  we repeatedly say no or do things he has repeatedly told us not to do. Does he strike out in that anger, no but he does hold us accountable. It is Jesus that steps in to buffer for us. We are the given children. But remember – Jesus is a part of God but that is for another day’s discussion.

A daily devotion group I study is Girlfriends in God and they shared the most wonderful devotion breaking down of the names for God and the importance of having a relationship with God. And it is very hard to have that relationship with out knowing the name of the person with whom you are trying to have a relations with. I will hit a few of the highlights but do go by and read the entire article. It made me feel warm inside. Mary Southerland did a fantastic job to assure me in my thinking.

While the Israelite’s were wandering the desert, they were still unsure of leaving Egypt but Moses assure them of all that God was and that he did for them. God told Moses he want him to be on a first name basis with him. He told him my name is Yahweh Jehovah. Yahweh mean ‘I am’ so when the people needed him they would call him and he would provide their needs. In Exodus the people were always fearful and God would meet those needs changing his last name as the needs implied. Jehovah Jireh meaning provider as he gave then quail and manna to eat while in the desert. Later he was Jehovah Shalom meaning peace.

The name that resonates with me the most and the reason for this post is when Jesus himself  cried out to God, Abba Father – Dearest Daddy.  Wow what an encouraging name for us to hold onto. As life may beat us up and we fall to our knees, we can cry out to Him and like our daddy’s would wrap us in his arms when we were young, imagine what our Dearest Daddy will do the same as His comforting arms wrap us in peace and love. Don’t ever forget how much you are loved. You are a creation of purpose because in a child’s own words – ‘God don’t make no junk’.

Think on the wonderful relationship you had with your dad growing up. That is what God wants for you to have with Him. If you relationship was not that great with you dad, then how marvelous a relationship you can have with God just for the asking.


Just reach out to Him…   daddy 4


For The Love of … Life

What is life? Can you define it or describe it? is it just being alive having breath and being? No.

Life is a gift. A gift given to each living creature whether plant, animal, insect or however you want to divide God’s creation. He created life and gave it to us to enjoy. Is it easy? Not always? It is hurtful? Sometimes. Is it happy? Sometimes. But if life was given to us by a loving God then why does it include any sadness? Because we learn from all parts of life, the good and the bad. It’s how our compassion and purpose grows. Its how we help each other grow and survive the tough time and how we share with all the good times.

Whether we are happy or sad, scared or hopeful,we are experiencing life and if we can embrace where our journey is taking us in this life, then we can share our journey with others, either in pictures, word, art and many other ways that we can express what is going on inside our hearts. And when we share it with friends, fellow bloggers and even strangers, it gives us the opportunity to share our experiences and then we become a community of healers. Some stronger than others but all having a divine chance to share love, happiness, encouragement, sadness and even fear. Sharing ourselves is what creates topics for blogging. Our interest, our hopes, our fears, our beliefs and our love. Its all tied in with life. There have been some wonderful truths I have experienced in my short time of blogging. I have seen seen fabulous stories, pictures and art from all across the world. I have agreed with some, not agreed with some but that is what makes us individuals. We can all show how wonderful life can be even in the bad times by showing the how the compassion of man can rise to the surface when needed. May we all hold out the hand of love that God gave all of us so that we can all help each other in a time of need, laugh with each other in time of joy and share life as we go along this wonderful journey.


Shout out to Shelley of Quaint Revival for allowing me to share in her challenge to become a better blogger.

Wish I May, Wish I Might

Have you ever wished on a star?

Today’s challenge  by Shelley’s Quaint Revival is ‘Wishing what you could do with your Blog’.  When I first started I was not real sure where my direction was going. I knew when I started it I needed something I was somewhat passion about and that list can be somewhat long so I consolidated it into three groups – God, Life and Dogs with the wish that with these topics I can inspire, encourage or lift the spirits of just one soul.

Today I am focusing on Dogs. Dogs are a reminder of the goodness in all of us. I fully believe they are a gift from God as they look at us with full expectation of our devotion as they totally have devoted themselves to us.

Total Devotion

I love the dog pages of Pinterest with their photos and inspiring words. They make me laugh, cry and show me the love we should all have.

Dogs love 1
What a concept

Those of us who own dogs totally understand this phrase and embrace it. With their eyes that can see down to your soul they plead with you to understand the full love of all creation as it was supposed to be. Unfortunately we will not see that total bliss of life until we cross the rainbow bridge where I fully believe they are there waiting for us.

Jesus care
When Jesus knows how much they mean to us…..
How can you NOT love that face!

Between Reality and Surreal

Sometimes reality is pure fantasy since perceiving reality can be assessed on an individual basis making it seem, to others who may not share you perception, as surreal.

reality ck

According to Webster – Surreal is a mixture of fact and fantasy. That also can be assessed on an individual basis depending on who is doing the perceiving. I think that a lot of my days may need a reality check.


In the mid 1900 a new movement for art and literature sprouted called surrealism. According to Webster – Surrealism sought to release the creative potential of an unconscious mind.  WHAT?

surreal art

I loved art growing up and decided to be an art major until I got to college and became somewhat disillusioned by the modern art era of the 70s. I could not get my head around it so leaned back on my second love of building things – still creating but with computers instead of paint. Now that I am grown and understand my thought process better, what I should have studied is photography. Photography is a medium of reality that makes sense to my individual self. You can photograph the beauty of the skies, the mountains, fields of flowers or tiny reflective dew drops on the grass.

There is also the photography of surrealism but as I stated earlier, my brain can’t really go there without turning my head to the side like a dog when  he is totally curious as to what he is seeing.

When we talk about things being surreal in life I think it leans more on not fully understanding what was trying to be conveyed. It doesn’t makes sense to an individual person so they perceive it to be surreal.

OK, enough confusion for me for one day. In Shelley’s 30 Day Challenge she asked us to describe what about blogging we felt was surreal. I guess I am too knew at to know as a lot of things are still missing. But I will get there.

A shout out to the Carolina’s who are still in the hot seat of Florence. Both of my son’s families are in mid and west NC, so I am staying in close contact with them.

An encouraging note to all of us who are doing this part time, or for fun or for connecting with those on the other side of these computers, enjoy yourselves. Enjoy the experience and the sights unseen by us but shared by those who share what they see. In this cyber age, we can use this as a means to communicate and create new friends.

It is Saturday – College Football Day A Fun Post

macsots 2
College Mascots and How we Love Them

Regardless of the college sport you may be interested in, it’s the mascot the ties the the team and the fans together. Today’s mascots have a much athletic ability as the cheerleaders and cheerleaders are in a league of their, literally. And all of it ties in to the college team experience and the excitement and energy of the game makes memories you will not forget.

The colleges also use the mascots as ways to make money by creating toys that gans by to show their support.

mascot toys.jpg
Menagerie of Mascots

Mascots are also wonderful inspiration off of the field doing many humanitarian efforts at hospitals that help encourage healing of those who are sick. So today’s post has a different type of encouragement for all of us as we love our football, whether it be college or pro, remember not just the players but all those who help increase our enjoyment of watching the game.

I tie this post into Shelley’s Quaint Revival 30 Day Challenge, Debbie Smyth’s Traveling with Intent Six Word Saturday and Linda G Hills Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Come join in on the fun and find ways to inspire others.