Garbage in – Garbage out


Are there times when you just don’t have the right subject to talk about and what comes out seems like garbage. Maybe you are not feeling well or like for me and last night, did not sleep well so you are a bit out of sorts. It can be very much like eating too much junk food – garbage in equals garbage out.

More Yuk

I know when I was still working and I needed to create a new proposal or a new procedure I always placed it in a file to review a little later, then go do something totally different and return later to review it to see if anything needs changing.

Sometime deadlines do not allow for wait and review time. In blogging the challenges push us to be creative and some days it just ain’t there! On those days some of our less effective works are created. But that is OK because even on those days there may be one single person that may be inspired by something you said or a picture you posted.

So don’t give up or get frustrated because you can’t hit a home run every day. Enjoy what you do and always look for the ray of sun shining through the possible cloud of ‘what am I doing next?’

Shelley of Quaint Revival has challenged us newbies to face the garbage we may make and move through it. Even the garbage if placed/buried correctly can turn into a beautiful garden.


Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your friendships and remember to always be kind.

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