Challenges – Gardening, Blogging and Life

So I knew it was going to be rough on my flowers without the care I usually give them while I have been recovering from surgery. But mums are resilient, right?? There was sufficient rain except the last 2 weeks but with that being said – why did the tomato plant that was thrown away before surgery due to mostly being dead is now looking great. Really? Gardening can really be a challenge in various levels, especially for those of us who are doing it just for fun and are not real experienced.

Just like the challenges of blogging, we are exploring it many facets and learning as we go. Shelley of Quaint Revival 30 Day Challenge for newbies concentrates today on blogging challenges. Challenges and ping back opportunities are great ways to help you learn about blogging but I was easily trapped periodically by the many rabbit holes that would take you into the many directions making me forget my original search.

End to the hole??

But what I have discovered about blogging and myself is there is an entire world out there to remind me of some of the things I use to love but had to lock away due to raising 3 children by myself and being in a high stress profession demanding more than the 8-5 requirements. A balancing act required for my life at the time.

That rolls us into the challenges of life. They can be daunting, scary, wonderful and always amazing in  more ways imaginable. We must always face those challenges with honesty and encouragement that the outcome will be worth the challenge. Always remember if God lead you to it, it will see you through it. If we stay positive in all that we do, surrounding all of those we meet along the way with gentleness, compassion and understanding think how much good energy we can spread across the world.

Always be Kind, regardless of any challenge that may slap you in the face.

3 thoughts on “Challenges – Gardening, Blogging and Life

  1. Inspiring post about challenges in life. That’s so intriguing about the tomato plant – goes to show you sometimes things bloom when we just let them grow in their own sweet time. I started out gardening this year with gusto, now comes the part of cleaning up the beds and preparing for winter…I’m not ready for winter…yet! Happy Blogging – you’re doing great at discovering your path here in the blogosphere!


  2. I’m stumped often when it comes to gardening. Too much of this or too little of that, they die. Sometimes you just have to do your best and let go.
    Your story is inspiring and I love your upbeat spirit. Kudos to you, strong mom, for raising 3 kids on your own! God gives amazing resilience to mothers.
    I hear ya about blogging challenges. Just like gardening, it takes time to bloom!!
    Hope your post surgery recovery is going well and you are feeling stronger!!!

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