The Best Of …. Me

Skeeter at Work
Skeeter C Clown

Do you have a favorite part of your life you like the ‘best’. Something that makes you feel this is good. Above is Skeeter C. Clown, the C. stands for Christ in hopes of being able to share God’s love where ever I go play. This is my favorite part of me. Nobody knows who I am except for those who already know me. I belong to a small section of my large clown troupe that does ministry at hospital and nursing homes. What a blessing to be able to share joy to those who feel trapped in poor health either momentarily or permanently. I feel that if I have brought a smile and 5 minutes of forgetfulness of their situation, then I have done my best.

There are a lot of ways we can bring our best to anything we do. Some of the photographers who’s blogs I have read are magnificent. Some of the words of encouragement I have read in blogger’s post or even the encouraging feedback I have received reflect the best of us. One tip I got when first starting was ‘Be yourself’. One tip I read on Shelley’s Quaint Revival post today that she received from John of The Sound of One Hand Typing‘s helpful tips was “Write what you like and like what you write. If you don’t like what you write, few others will.” This is very sound advice. Not everybody is going to like you and what you say every time. I have had some negative responses because I am true to me. I don’t take the negative to heart. We are all different but we can all be our best and when being our best, we will grow.

There are days when we ourselves are not our best and those days we can create garbage – but that is for tomorrows discussion. But I fully believe, even though we may think the ‘today’s post was not my best’, there may be someone out there that liked what you said and just maybe you brought a smile of encouragement to help them through what they may be going through at that time. Even when we are posting a not so happy subject it could be the best post that day of your group of friend bloggers because it rang true with lots of people. you never know.

I am a newbie at blogging but not at life and I believe the same principle holds true and it goes along with something I was preached to as a child – If you can not say anything true, say nothing at all. If you can’t say anything nice then leave the room.

I am finding in blogging that we are all reaching for new friendships to share the things we are interested in, whether it be in art, photography, science, religion, the list goes forever. People enjoy conversation in like minded things. And through the advancement of computer technology, we can now reach around the world. But if we fail in being kind, respectful, honest and encouraging then we will fail at being our best and probably will not do well at blogging.

For anyone that is newer than me, the blogging challenges help you figure out what you are doing and Shelley’s has been good for me. It probably would be for you as well. Come join along. There are many other challenges and prompts to help you learn and grow in the blogging world so join in those as well. Ones that I enjoy are Linda G Hill’s One Liner Wednesdays and Stream of Consciousness Saturdays. Others are Norms 2.0 Thursdays Doors which I hope to play in once I get back to walking correctly. There are other photo challenges I hope to investigate as well.

For mow enjoy the beautiful sunset I had today as I was writing this. And remember above all else Be Kind.

Sunset in Iowa

Excuse the bucket wall along the back steps – It keeps the small dog safe.


2 thoughts on “The Best Of …. Me

  1. Anita, your post was what I chose to read first, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I did so. Your words are an inspiration and so heart-warming. Thank you for the call-outs to fellow bloggers and for playing along with this challenge, your contributions have helped me grow as a blogger, THANK YOU! I love your clown outfit and the sunset picture – the colors go so well together, I couldn’t help but smile looking at them! Every person who gets the opportunity to meet you in person, or here in the blogosphere is a lucky person – I’m glad to say I’m one of them!


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