Freedom Has Arrived #1LinerWeds

Wow, to be housebound for 6 weeks and now being let out to ‘somewhat’ roam is a wonderful taste of freedom. I will combine this post to two separate challenges – One for Linda G Hills One Liner Wednesdays  for ‘perception is everything’ and Shelley’s Quaint Revival 30 Day Challenge for new bloggers using prompts to keep us going.

I realize it is late, but technically it is still Wednesday here in Iowa. Its 5:30, the sun is still shinning, so I am dual submitting. So my perception is that there is still enough time.

The Dr. has released me from the roll around cart on Monday to be able to flat walk on the heel while still wearing the protective boot. So my perception is I am free, although my daughter was not happy I drove without her perceiving for herself that I would be OK. But what a wonderful prompt to encourage me out of the house, into the car and I actually went to bible study today and got to connect with friends. The word prompt has so many uses but in reality the same meaning – to push us into action.

A lot of what I am finding that is prompting me in blogging is photography from other bloggers. I love seeing what prompts their eye to focus in on a subject. The beauty and interest they see is prompting me to pull out my camera and start enjoying what I see. Especially since now that I am retired. Time for fun…when I can walk safely again. Will have to wait until spring as the other foot is schedule for same surgery in late November. (Sigh) Poor balance from crooked bones is what is prompting the surgeries. We will see if it really helps or am I just getting the ‘O’ word…(old).

Ah, well…onward we go in this life of still uncharted waters.


3 thoughts on “Freedom Has Arrived #1LinerWeds

  1. Ah, Anita, I felt the freedom you feel as I read your words! Congratulations on being able to walk about freely – enjoy every moment and snap tons of shots for material to use during the next resting period! Great job combining two prompts, too!


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