For the Love of …Father or Daddy

Have you ever though about the difference between a father and a daddy. In my thought process they are worlds apart. One is formal, one is casual, once is authoritarian one is involving. I made a drawing as a youth once for my father that puts that thought process in a nutshell. Anyone can father a child but it take someone special to be a daddy. There are daddy’s in families that did not father the children in the family but they are the father role models for the family.


But there is another father I want to speak of. Our Heavenly Father. The ultimate father authoritative figure. That  figure sometimes scares people away because they do not understand it. As with the earthly fathers, he only wants whats is best for us and is not happy sometimes when  we repeatedly say no or do things he has repeatedly told us not to do. Does he strike out in that anger, no but he does hold us accountable. It is Jesus that steps in to buffer for us. We are the given children. But remember – Jesus is a part of God but that is for another day’s discussion.

A daily devotion group I study is Girlfriends in God and they shared the most wonderful devotion breaking down of the names for God and the importance of having a relationship with God. And it is very hard to have that relationship with out knowing the name of the person with whom you are trying to have a relations with. I will hit a few of the highlights but do go by and read the entire article. It made me feel warm inside. Mary Southerland did a fantastic job to assure me in my thinking.

While the Israelite’s were wandering the desert, they were still unsure of leaving Egypt but Moses assure them of all that God was and that he did for them. God told Moses he want him to be on a first name basis with him. He told him my name is Yahweh Jehovah. Yahweh mean ‘I am’ so when the people needed him they would call him and he would provide their needs. In Exodus the people were always fearful and God would meet those needs changing his last name as the needs implied. Jehovah Jireh meaning provider as he gave then quail and manna to eat while in the desert. Later he was Jehovah Shalom meaning peace.

The name that resonates with me the most and the reason for this post is when Jesus himself  cried out to God, Abba Father – Dearest Daddy.  Wow what an encouraging name for us to hold onto. As life may beat us up and we fall to our knees, we can cry out to Him and like our daddy’s would wrap us in his arms when we were young, imagine what our Dearest Daddy will do the same as His comforting arms wrap us in peace and love. Don’t ever forget how much you are loved. You are a creation of purpose because in a child’s own words – ‘God don’t make no junk’.

Think on the wonderful relationship you had with your dad growing up. That is what God wants for you to have with Him. If you relationship was not that great with you dad, then how marvelous a relationship you can have with God just for the asking.


Just reach out to Him…   daddy 4


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