For The Love of … Life

What is life? Can you define it or describe it? is it just being alive having breath and being? No.

Life is a gift. A gift given to each living creature whether plant, animal, insect or however you want to divide God’s creation. He created life and gave it to us to enjoy. Is it easy? Not always? It is hurtful? Sometimes. Is it happy? Sometimes. But if life was given to us by a loving God then why does it include any sadness? Because we learn from all parts of life, the good and the bad. It’s how our compassion and purpose grows. Its how we help each other grow and survive the tough time and how we share with all the good times.

Whether we are happy or sad, scared or hopeful,we are experiencing life and if we can embrace where our journey is taking us in this life, then we can share our journey with others, either in pictures, word, art and many other ways that we can express what is going on inside our hearts. And when we share it with friends, fellow bloggers and even strangers, it gives us the opportunity to share our experiences and then we become a community of healers. Some stronger than others but all having a divine chance to share love, happiness, encouragement, sadness and even fear. Sharing ourselves is what creates topics for blogging. Our interest, our hopes, our fears, our beliefs and our love. Its all tied in with life. There have been some wonderful truths I have experienced in my short time of blogging. I have seen seen fabulous stories, pictures and art from all across the world. I have agreed with some, not agreed with some but that is what makes us individuals. We can all show how wonderful life can be even in the bad times by showing the how the compassion of man can rise to the surface when needed. May we all hold out the hand of love that God gave all of us so that we can all help each other in a time of need, laugh with each other in time of joy and share life as we go along this wonderful journey.


Shout out to Shelley of Quaint Revival for allowing me to share in her challenge to become a better blogger.

2 thoughts on “For The Love of … Life

  1. Aw, love this post – especially this inspirational sentence “Sharing ourselves is what creates topics for blogging. Our interest, our hopes, our fears, our beliefs and our love. Its all tied in with life.”


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