Wish I May, Wish I Might

Have you ever wished on a star?

Today’s challenge  by Shelley’s Quaint Revival is ‘Wishing what you could do with your Blog’.  When I first started I was not real sure where my direction was going. I knew when I started it I needed something I was somewhat passion about and that list can be somewhat long so I consolidated it into three groups – God, Life and Dogs with the wish that with these topics I can inspire, encourage or lift the spirits of just one soul.

Today I am focusing on Dogs. Dogs are a reminder of the goodness in all of us. I fully believe they are a gift from God as they look at us with full expectation of our devotion as they totally have devoted themselves to us.

Total Devotion

I love the dog pages of Pinterest with their photos and inspiring words. They make me laugh, cry and show me the love we should all have.

Dogs love 1
What a concept

Those of us who own dogs totally understand this phrase and embrace it. With their eyes that can see down to your soul they plead with you to understand the full love of all creation as it was supposed to be. Unfortunately we will not see that total bliss of life until we cross the rainbow bridge where I fully believe they are there waiting for us.

Jesus care
When Jesus knows how much they mean to us…..
How can you NOT love that face!

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