Between Reality and Surreal

Sometimes reality is pure fantasy since perceiving reality can be assessed on an individual basis making it seem, to others who may not share you perception, as surreal.

reality ck

According to Webster – Surreal is a mixture of fact and fantasy. That also can be assessed on an individual basis depending on who is doing the perceiving. I think that a lot of my days may need a reality check.


In the mid 1900 a new movement for art and literature sprouted called surrealism. According to Webster – Surrealism sought to release the creative potential of an unconscious mind.  WHAT?

surreal art

I loved art growing up and decided to be an art major until I got to college and became somewhat disillusioned by the modern art era of the 70s. I could not get my head around it so leaned back on my second love of building things – still creating but with computers instead of paint. Now that I am grown and understand my thought process better, what I should have studied is photography. Photography is a medium of reality that makes sense to my individual self. You can photograph the beauty of the skies, the mountains, fields of flowers or tiny reflective dew drops on the grass.

There is also the photography of surrealism but as I stated earlier, my brain can’t really go there without turning my head to the side like a dog when  he is totally curious as to what he is seeing.

When we talk about things being surreal in life I think it leans more on not fully understanding what was trying to be conveyed. It doesn’t makes sense to an individual person so they perceive it to be surreal.

OK, enough confusion for me for one day. In Shelley’s 30 Day Challenge she asked us to describe what about blogging we felt was surreal. I guess I am too knew at to know as a lot of things are still missing. But I will get there.

A shout out to the Carolina’s who are still in the hot seat of Florence. Both of my son’s families are in mid and west NC, so I am staying in close contact with them.

An encouraging note to all of us who are doing this part time, or for fun or for connecting with those on the other side of these computers, enjoy yourselves. Enjoy the experience and the sights unseen by us but shared by those who share what they see. In this cyber age, we can use this as a means to communicate and create new friends.

2 thoughts on “Between Reality and Surreal

  1. Anita, I love this post – your thoughts and examples are intriguing and encouraging. Way to take a prompt to a new level! I hope your family remains safe from the hurricane! xx


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