It is Saturday – College Football Day A Fun Post

macsots 2
College Mascots and How we Love Them

Regardless of the college sport you may be interested in, it’s the mascot the ties the the team and the fans together. Today’s mascots have a much athletic ability as the cheerleaders and cheerleaders are in a league of their, literally. And all of it ties in to the college team experience and the excitement and energy of the game makes memories you will not forget.

The colleges also use the mascots as ways to make money by creating toys that gans by to show their support.

mascot toys.jpg
Menagerie of Mascots

Mascots are also wonderful inspiration off of the field doing many humanitarian efforts at hospitals that help encourage healing of those who are sick. So today’s post has a different type of encouragement for all of us as we love our football, whether it be college or pro, remember not just the players but all those who help increase our enjoyment of watching the game.

I tie this post into Shelley’s Quaint Revival 30 Day Challenge, Debbie Smyth’s Traveling with Intent Six Word Saturday and Linda G Hills Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Come join in on the fun and find ways to inspire others.

One thought on “It is Saturday – College Football Day A Fun Post

  1. The blogging cheerleaders are jumping for joy on how you combined 3 prompts in such a fun way!! YAY!!! Happy Weekend to you! 🙂


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