Loneliness or Focused?


When we normally think of loneliness we combine it with sadness and the weight bearing of not being loved. But I think we are totally missing the opportunity to be loved. When we are at our lowest point is when God can show up and bring us an immeasurable amount of peace. John 14:27 tells us of Jesus’ comforting words with “Peace I leave with you; My Peace I give you.”


God shows us in many way His love for us and sometimes in the quiet of the moment. I like to use these quiet moments to focus on my situation, my path or my next step.  Am I following my true self; am I still following the path Christ has led me to; am I being a light to someone who may be drowning in the darkness of what loneliness can explode itself to be.

It is my firm opinion that life is teamwork with numerous relationships created between you and God, you and your family and you and your neighbors and those neighbors may be across the world. There are 12 listed fruits of the spirit but the 6 I listed are my favorites and using these gifts, we can pull the most lonely person out of the pit of hurtfulness and despair.

love hearts
faith 2

With all the GOODNESS that is gifted to us by our God, it is imperative we share it with the whole team(and that means everyone, everywhere) especially when one of us needs that moment of encouragement, love and joy. Maybe just a big ole hug.

I Believe
Thank you Bill for this lovely reminder.

Today’s post is part of Shelley’s Quaint Revival 30 Day Challenge for new bloggers to help us get better at this type of communication. Come join in on the fun.



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