For the Love of … Photographs

What a fun things to do…blogging. It is such a fun way to say HI across the entire globe and when you add pictures you are showing your new friends what you see as beautiful, what scares you, what inspires you and so on. As the old saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words” and its true. Pictures take you on a journey of imagination and tie the photographer and the viewer together in shared companionship. With this particular post I am going to share some of my liked photos(can’t really have a favorite) and some of the photographers. The photographers that are tied in on Word Press I will include their link. Go visit their work and enjoy the photography.

First lets think on the beauty of nature with majestic mountains, exquisite sunrise, or the delicateness of flowers. These were either mine or from friends on Facebook.

This challenge prompt was tied to Shelley’s Quaint Revival 30 Day Challenge and her photos for todays challenge were nice. Especially the cloud which I reposted.

Another cloud formation I though remarkable is actually a satellite photo from Dave in the path of Florence. For those in this storms path, know there are many praying for you and wish you to be safe.

Image result for florence

Other pictures from here in Iowa from the combination of major summer storms combines with Gordon tropical depression on the rivers in the area. Water can be devastating and its power needs to be respected.

dep iowa 3

With storms in our life we need to understand we all have to learn to help each other and in todays post by Paul he showed the importance of protecting pets in the way of storms by reposting an article by Mary Jo DiLonardo.

On a lighter side of our animals are the fun pictures we post showing the love and silliness of our pets and what they do to make us smile. My dog Mimi is exceptionally…umm…gifted?

All in all pictures are a medium to our soul. They make us feel what the photographers are seeing and feeling which enhances our blogs and make people more interested in what we are trying to say.

I love the photos of Debbie Smyth of Traveling with Intent. Check out her blog as she has wonderful photographs from around the world.

Then closer to home there is Dan Antion of No Facilities as he shares his walks with Maddie and better yet on Thursdays does a challenge on Doors  and this amazing challenge is tied to Norm’s challenge. Challenges are fun as they help you to grow, laugh and see the world from a different angle. Plus there are many other bloggers who I enjoy that  have no listed.

So as you continue on with blogging add some soul so that we can tie closer to your heart. May you have a great weekend and those in the path of Florence I pray for your safety.

6 thoughts on “For the Love of … Photographs

  1. What a great idea for a post! I love the photos you highlighted. I think I actually began to fall in love with photography more when I began blogging because I wanted to share my own photos in my posts. I had no idea people issues photo challenges in the blogosphere.

    Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Excellent post on the benefits of adding photos to your blog! Great job giving kudos to other bloggers, too! Mimi is very talented, and seems quite giving as well ;-)!


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