Hopeful Anticipation #1Liner Wednesday

The beginning

Tomorrow is a big day. I have hopeful anticipation…but what if the answer is no…oh the agony of it all. It has been 5 weeks since surgery on my foot to correct some bone alignment which was causing bunions. Simple surgery, only 1 1/2  hour but the balancing on 1 foot has gotten old real fast. Yes, I have this little cart but I am home bound due to stairs. The Dr. told me I would be able to drive since it was my left foot, yay, but that requires me being able to get to my car. Oh yea, steps again. That’s a negative ghost rider.

Have you ever tried balancing on 1 foot to get on and off the toilet. Its rather comical to watch the gyrations of spastic movement. Stitches came out last week and if x-rays are good then I can do some minimal “heel” walking.

I fuss at myself for being whinny as I watched a boxer on TV the other day walking and running around on his front legs with no issues whatsoever.  Due to a deformity at birth he lost both back legs. And loving people understood the importance of his life and gave him a home and a chance to be loved and to love. There is nothing like the love of a dog when  he has been given a second chance at life. They know it.

We get so use to being able to do the things we can do that we get frustrated when  we no longer can do our normal routine. It gives you a real wake-up call if you consider the permanently disabled. So I am hoping to learn from this experience and be more aware of those with physical issues for others and help in any way that I can.

As we go through this life remember what is really important – Love. And that can be done with no limbs at all if need be. Always remember how very blessed you are and what a wonderful blessing you can be to someone else. God always has a plan and He uses all of our situations to open our eyes to something he is trying to tell us. Let us not miss the lesson.

One Liner Wednesdays is Linda Hill’s fun way to share each other ideas. Come join the fun.

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