For The Love of… Growing Up

I got real tickled while reading Shelley’s post this morning on going gray. Its something we all do – some gracefully and some dragging and fighting it with all we have. When we are kids we say ‘when I grow up…’ but we never think about ‘when I get gray…’.  I started going heavy gray about 15 years ago and went straight to the salon to fix that problem. My profession at the time kind of looked at gray as being old and useless. They would never say that but even the plant manager(a man) kept his hair dyed. When I changed jobs(and moved across the country) that stigma was not really there plus we had to wear hair nets, white ones. So after a few months I realized fixing my hair was a waste being in a hair net all day and then also realized no one is even going to know what color my hair is so why color it. I fix it once a week for church and they don’t care what color it is or even if there is hair. Then I made peace with the hair length. All 60 years of my life I had short hair. My mom had short hair. Both of my sisters had short hair. Its what we did. Well, since I am noted as the rebel in  the family I have let it grow. Now its long, gray and unfixed. Having natural curl to it makes it an easy ponytail and I am done. Yay!MeI think society puts too much emphasis on being young and beautiful when being refined and graceful like a good wine is much more pleasing. You don’t have to put up with some of the nonsense of social queues. If people mess with you just say “move before I move you” then you can whop them with your cane. All joking aside, we should never begrudge the gift of white/silver lining on our heads that God gave us to show others our wisdom of life and the peace it can offer.

I had real misgiving when I retired in February. I was not ready to retire but was being forced out by new management. I was not sure if financially I was going to be OK(still not 100% at peace)but am trusting God for His guidance and the gift of peace He bestows upon us when we are willing to accept it.

So with all that said, I accept where I current am, in peace, and wish to those who read this to feel the peace of God as he showers His love upon you.

3 thoughts on “For The Love of… Growing Up

  1. I think many people find a kind of release when they stop dying their hair and just let it be natural. And I’m glad you wear your hair just as you like. 🙂 If my hair was thicker I’d also have it long again, but all my hair tied together is only about as thick as my finger! 😀


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