Is There Surprise in Blogging?

Shelley’s Quaint Revival challenge for new bloggers is a 30 days challenge with daily prompts to help newbies think and rethink about what they are doing in learning how to blog. I am appreciating it since I am way new(July 2018) and have already learned a few tricks. But I am fully aware that I don’t have enough knowledge about blogging to even fill a thimble.

a thimble
Mom’s Thimble

For those not familiar with sewing – it the silver thingy – it’s very small. That’s how much I know about blogging but I like it better than some other communication/social platforms as you get to be more creative and see other people’s creative flares.

So I really don’t have a lots of surprises as this is still so knew but I will say that the genuineness of people is surprisingly refreshing. I have chatted with people in England, China, South Africa, Canada, India and of course the US since that is where I am if that seems to make a difference. I am not fully aware how all of this works. And then since I don’t know where some people are from, I could be talking to places I am not aware of. And that is fun as well as interesting.

I think another surprise is how similar some of us can be across the world. The love of flowers, photography, street art, music, Christ, and of course dogs. Dogs and Christ were my main filters but I have expanded with all of the art interest that I am seeing. And that is what I like best about this is that the sorting process is true to form. If you don’t want to see certain information or opinions, you don’t have to. With Facebook for instance with no filters except you friends and since this is an election year politics and opinions are rampant and angry – don’t want to see it thank you.

And I think another surprise for me (being a quieter person more than a in your face type person) is the positive feedback I have received about what I write. Now that I have retired I am trying to see if I am a good enough writer to actually publish the book I just finished. Yea, it a subject that’s out there in the imaginary fiction world but it’s still has a gentle theme. Would people really be interested in reading a book about dogs in heaven that talk like people. Told you it was out there. So we will see.

As we all continue on this journey of blogging, may we all see the genuine goodness that we all can be and create a positive force that stretches across the globe.

Have a great week.

4 thoughts on “Is There Surprise in Blogging?

  1. Well I think you have already found the secret to blogging – writing about what interests you and interacting with like-minded people from all over the world. I have found the WP community to be a welcoming one. 🙂


  2. As I’ve said before, you’re doing so well on picking up the nuances of the blogging scene – your surprises and your descriptions (and picture!!!) are right on track! I personally believe the early months are all about figuring out your own voice and getting into a routine. It is great that you’re experimenting and that you’re talking about your book! Lovely post – thanks for playing along with the challenge!


  3. I think one of the things that surprised me most about blogging (I have been blogging since January) was the importance of building a community. I pictured blogging as a much more solitary activity. Welcome to the bloggosphere!


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