For the Love of …Smiling

What makes you smile? When you are in one of those downward moods , what do you think about to help you recover your sanity and smile again?smiley1   Maybe it is goofy pictures… or maybe its seasonal memories.santa 2 Christmas is coming Yay! I love decorating for Christmas and it makes me happy and does make me smile but it is not the thing that bring life back to my face when I am down.

Things that bring in those kinds of smiles are usually emotional things or things we are passionate about.

Caleb August 2015
Grandson #4 of 6

Today’s post I hope brings a smile to everyone’s face as it is a collection of photos of my dogs and such that make me smile and laugh. It’s Monday and we all need a smile to start the week. Enjoy.

loyal friend
Queen Mimi


Max sofa
King Maximus

Below are various pictures of the King and Queen as they own their various thrones along with postings from Pinterest that especially made me laugh.


And some funny from other places.

Have a great week.

9 thoughts on “For the Love of …Smiling

  1. Hello Anita, you have some great photographs, I love your humour! I found you via the comment you left on Debbie Smythe’s blog. Debbie’s post was in response to our photo challenge over at

    We do a flexible weekly photo challenge every Saturday and a weekly word prompt on Wednesdays. My partner and I created Weekly Prompts (in addition to our own individual sites) after the demise of the prompts from WordPress. We are steadily building a new community of followers, lovely people and some for whom taking part in challenges is a first. I agree with Debbie meeting new people via challenges is an excellent way to make new friends. There are a number out there and all worth checking out. All the very best to you 🙂


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