Travel the World 30 Day Challenge

Today’s word challenge  from Shelley’s Quaint Revival is world with the thought would you be a world travel blogger. There are so many wonderful bloggers who have such great pictures and stories of there travels that it makes you want to go there and see it for yourself…maybe.

I thoroughly enjoy Debbie Smyth and her photos of Travel with Intent. I strongly suggest you follow her fabulous photos as she travels with pictures from seaside beauty, architectural wonders and magnificent stain glass windows

Then I have wonderful friends who traveled recently to Switzerland with beautiful pictures of the mountains as well as other wonderful things they saw.

Then there are pictures from a friends brother who has an exceptional eye of nature around the United States.

Then of course a few that I have taken with my phone. Not near as breath taking as those above but I did enjoy their beauty.

But with travel in mind, I think I want to see more of the US before I think of travel abroad. I thoroughly enjoy the pictures others share, the books I read of exciting places but I think I enjoy being home more.

I love seeing God’s hand in nature from the mountain views to the tiniest flower opening its petals to the sun.  I have always wanted to go to the Black Hills but they were just to far from where I lived in Georgia/Alabama. Now for 6 years I have been in Iowa – not that far anymore and still have not gone. Guess the traveling gene is just not in me.

But to all of those who love to go, please continue to share your fabulous pictures. They are much enjoyed.

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