The Power of Disasters in Nature “Who Really is the Boss”

We like to think we are in charge, that we know how to handle adversity, that we can control things around us but in reality we are at natures mercy. If the sky is blue, sun shining then if we can we are out in it. Regardless of the temperatures. If the ground is covered in snow then we may be skiing or building a snowman. If is hot and we are near water we are splashing in it or at least have our toes in the sand.

But when Mother Nature rears her ugly side it can be fearful. And since I live in the US, I can only speak for things I see here but I am sure similar situations happen across the world. Here in the US, natural types of disasters are divided by location and land type or weather probabilities. For instance, your coastal regions are susceptible to hurricanes. The Midwest, due the airflow combinations from the gulf combined with air from the Rockies, has strong possibilities for tornadoes and the far west with strong winds and arid conditions make an easy target for wild fires. Then you have the Ring of Fire as the continental plates bang against each the creating earthquakes and volcanoes.

This past week brought two such disasters right to some of our back doors making us fearful realizing the power of out of controlled nature and showing off who really is the boss.

fires in Oregon
Fires in Oregon

In Paul Handover, Learning from Dogs, post of Too Close to Home, it shows just how fast and scary a wildfire can takeover your home making you flee for your life. Fortunately for Paul and his family it was a near miss. Bit near misses are scary knowing that at any moment to have to be ready to run.

This week in the Midwest, all the storms that we have had have combined now with a tropical storm has caused our rivers to become scary monsters flooding our homes, businesses and making some people flee to higher ground.

Now the east coast is facing a possible hurricane that could swipe up the entire coast line from Georgia to Maine. Yesterday as I was watching the Weather Channel, there were 9 tropical events ranging from depressions to full blown hurricanes in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Nine, that is crazy. Being raised in south Georgia/north Florida, we learned that if the development of storms during the early part of the season for hurricanes is slow, then end of the season could be very rough with either many storms and single massive storms like Katrina. Nature calls the shots and brings us along for the ride, be it fun or scary. And all we can do is hope for the best helping each other as we go.

Shelley’s Quaint Revival  challenge for this month is improving you blogging skills  with the question of today’s word being boss and the thought being ‘who is boss of your blog’. As with mother nature above, is there really a single ‘boss’ that drives what we write. I don’t think so. Our thoughts and ideas come from life that happens around us. Are we the boss that puts those thoughts into word form, absolutely but I think we draw from the love, tragedy, inspiration and beauty that surrounds all of us. We all see a different side of nature and life, then when we share it with each other we come together with the passion of like mindedness into one accord. May we all come together to inspire, encourage, uplift, help rebuild, love, laugh and enjoy each other and what we do.

Have a great week.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Disasters in Nature “Who Really is the Boss”

  1. I love your perspective on the boss of blogs! You’re right, it’s a team effort in the end and that’s what makes blogging fun. And…it sure has been one crazy year for weather so far – glad Paul’s family wasn’t harmed!


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