30 Day Challenger #7 Obstacles

Big Obstacle, Not Walking

I guess its poetic justice that my true obstacle is helping me sort through some of my blogging obstacles. I think my biggest obstacle is still not understand all the tools and how to use them. Learning how to Ping back was a trial and it doesn’t visually look the same as others whose blog title is preceded with (-) and mine has my full name of my URL with the http:, but it works, so OK. And I have kind of learned how to link although I still get tripped up from time to time. Still don’t know what widgets are and is that something I need? I think that is my biggest obstacle is understanding what I really need vs. the extra fluff stuff. Since I am a non-professional blogger I think the rules may be slightly different or more relaxed for us.

All I can say for now is on to the next obstacle and may the smartest of us figure it out…and share the how too.

Enjoy Shelley’s prompt on Quaint Revival for 30 day Challenge and may we all learn something new.

2 thoughts on “30 Day Challenger #7 Obstacles

  1. You’re a problem solver by nature, and very creative, and by the way – you’re way ahead of the game by figuring out the ping-backs and links so early in the game! I think you rock at figuring all of this stuff out! Thanks for playing along with the challenge. I hope you’ll be walking again soon!


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