Strength of a Tea Bag

Today I am feeling a bit philosophical but really have no clue what that means. To me it means I have an analogy I would like to share. If you are a tea drinker, you will understand this analogy but if not, bear with me, maybe you will understand my rambling mind.

cup tea

We are all rambling of late, looking for ways to entertain ourselves, being jealous of those who get to go to work while being so grateful we don’t have to go out there. Its a conundrum.


There are a myriad of postings on line concerning extroverts not being able to tolerate being stuck inside and how they are coping. I consider myself a “tween”. Definitely not an introvert but not a extrovert either. Maybe that is because at my age I have mellowed. But no, I think the real reason is because of the tea bag.

anew bag

When we are running full steam ahead with life, we forget who really is in control. Then  our tea bag gets into hot water giving us a false security in its strength. But once the tea bag is used it can no longer provide the strength we thought we had.

gods strength

What we don’t seem to realize is our strength is just as frail and porous as the paper around the tea bag. It is our deep weakness is our full strength, providing we tap into it. For when we finally give up our strength and admit our weakness, God then can be our strength. And His strength is perfect.

My power is made perfect in  your weakness

So I challenge you today to rely on His strength. Allow Him to carry you through all of your trials today and the days to come. Remember He is always there with you where ever you go.


And lastly I encourage you, especially during this time, to remember the value of kindness and let is ripples flow out from you where ever you go.

kind ripples

7 thoughts on “Strength of a Tea Bag

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Anita. The verse from 2 Corinthians is the perfect accompaniment to this post. I have trouble NOT being in charge sometimes. Thank you for this good reminder to recognize that God is in charge – not me.

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