Frustrations into Lessons

Today I want to talk about dogs, shocker, I know. But more specifically rescue dogs. This morning as I was on a mad and frustrating search for Mimi’s collar due to their wrestling antics last night, the Lord turned on a light bulb in my head about rescues and I wanted to share that with you this this afternoon.
If we allow it, God always turns our frustrating moments into a lesson.
These is Mimi and Daisy Mae, both are rescues. Mimi is the one farther back and Daisy has the white markings.
Rescue dogs have a very different view on life and the relationship with their owner depending on where they came from. I see this as similar to how we  look at God. At one point though, if we are a believer in God, we were all rescued by His love, maybe not from a bad situation but from a situation that could cause us harm. And He stepped in to rescue us.
Jesus reaches down to us as God holds on to Him
My dogs are loud protectors, letting me know the instant when someone is on the sidewalk, a cat walks through the yard or the squirrel is again getting in the feeder while the bird watches disgustingly on.
My dogs are ever watchful over me. And God is ever watchful over all of us. As we wake up every single day, we are rescued from the trials of yesterday, fortified to stand before the trials of today because He rescues us and stands with us every moment of every day.
Currently things are going crazy around us and unfortunately some us are going to get trapped in it needing rescuing. And while the rescuing to us may look like an non-rescue or the loss of a loved one, to Him it is a full rescue as he brings them home. So we stand firm and pray hard for all of THE church family across the world and for those needing to come into the fold of His love. One day we will come out of this but let us never lose the lessons of His love that has been spread out over the entire world as he tries to rescue us and pull us into his lap of love and peace.
May you all have a very blessed and peaceful day as we sit in His lap of caring and rescue. I remind us now especially in this time of severe trial, we need to always be be kind.

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