Canning from the Garden,#SoCS

Canning is a process of saving wonderful foods from the garden and preserving them for use all winter long…but it was never in a can.

Yummy Chow Chow

When I was growing up, we always made pickles, chow chow, chili sauce and various flavors of jelly, jams or preserves but they were always in glass jars, thank you Ball jar company.  And the sad day was when the jar was empty and  you know it was the last jar.

All gone

Linda G. Hill with Stream of Consciousness Saturday this week got combined with Nancy Merrill‘s prompt for Pictures through Glass jars to recognize both prompts of fun and creativity.

There are many ways to use “can” as it’s a noun or a verb. You can have a fictitious Can of Worms or a fictitious train that told everyone “I think I Can”.

And with different products found in or behind glass, I offer you the wonderful candles I have burning almost daily around my house. They help hide the occasional “just came in from outside dog smell” that Mimi has for about 10 minutes until my nose adjusts, especially when raining.

As I remind myself on every post, and hopefully remind anyone that may read, always be kind. Its the best attribute you can reflect. I know you can’

Kindness in all forms


4 thoughts on “Canning from the Garden,#SoCS

  1. What a comforting blend of memories and positive encouragement. I’m looking forward to my season of candles, though I could use them all year for the doggie smell.


  2. Thank you for the smiles – “the just came in from outside smell” is a familiar one for sure! And I loved growing up with the jelly jars and getting the last drop.


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