So, What’s Your Point, #SoCS

Points and opinions everyone has them. Sometimes the passion of those points/opinions can cause conflicts between two views of a same situation. We are heading to a marvelous time of year across the world that, regardless of the faith you may practice, it’s a time of year to share love and kindness. So I challenge anyone of all faiths to come together in love instead of standing toe to toe in asking “What’s your point”.

In  the Christian and Catholic faiths we both follow Jesus Christ and during Christmas there are several points that float through the season. Christmas is the symbol of Jesus’s birth,  but to the commercial world its all about Santa, buying and getting. I have a very large stuffed Santa and display him every year but Santa is not the point. Christ is the point. The stories of Santa, Chris Kringle, Pere Noel, or Father Christmas along with many other countries versions all stem from the love of giving gifts to children.

What better gift to give anyone is a “get out of jail free” card from God in the form of His only Son. Wow, what a gift from God to all of His children.

While I do go over board on decorating, I look at the tree as His tree of life and the lights as His love shining in the darkness. The very first object that goes on the main tree,(there are many) the tree in the living room, is the Christmas Nail. It goes inside the tree not as a decoration but as a symbol of my love back to Him. It is an ever reminder of what He did and does for me.

Christmas Nail

I an tagging in with Linda G Hill on Streams of Conscious Saturday and her prompt for the day is point. Come join in on the fun.

As we approach another worldwide day of celebration let’s all celebrate it together on November 13 – World Kindness Day. Showing Kindness is a point of view we could all use.

world kindness

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