Medical Practice, A Conundrum of Sorts – #6WS & #SoCS


Means being justified by an end result – that can be wrong on so may platforms if it involves trickery or cruelty when used only for selfish gain.

Yesterday I had the second, and last, operation on my feet to correct misaligned bones. The anesthesia doctor was different and used a new technique by means of a nerve block behind the knee. The technique in the long run could be a real help for healing, in his opinion. After speaking with my surgeon this morning when he called to check on me, I asked him about this. He was not aware it was going to be used and I could tell in his voice that he question its use at this time but they were already starting it.  It was very painful to administer using ultra sound to guide a needle through the side of my leg by my knee to block the nerves all the way down the leg through the foot. He had told me he would give me some light sedation medication where I would not feel the needle digging through my leg. but what he did not realize was that my body fights light doses of numbing medication. I needed horse size doses doing a job like that. He called another anesthetist to administer another does in the IV as his hands were busy. That helped but gee whiz.


But I am doing fine today, foot still numb a bit and I hope that wears off soon. Numbness is such a weird and uncomfortable feeling.

I do need to express the thankfulness of where medicine is today. We are such a far cry from the ‘blood-letting’ practice days. While that process of getting rid of the bad blood was good in theory, it really was not a good idea. But it shows the ever involving field of medicine and when you think of the diseases we now have control of or the diseases we are on the brink of discovering a cure of, it is all amazing.

I am tagging in with two wonderful bloggers to help us all unite with fun and new discoveries. Linda G Hill with Stream of Consciousness and Debbie Smyth with Six Word Saturday.

And as I heal from hopefully this last procedure, I rest and enjoy my Christmas decorations,the enjoyment of the birds fighting over the several feeders (they don’t share well) and I am comforted by my loving companion and my gracious daughter as they take care of me.

loyal friend

Below is a picture of my current transportation for the next 3 weeks. I think it was designed by a woman as there is an indention in the center so that you can pull the cart flat to the sink and clean dishes. I don’t think a man would have thought of that. And maybe that is not what it is for but it’s my theory and I am sticking with it.

My first cart did not have this center indention. I like this better.

As I was going through the painfulness of the nerve block, the operating staff were marvelous in showing empathy and kindness as I would get shoulder rubs, hand holding and gentle touches. Kindness is never wasted.

So I close as always with reminders of being kind and also a reminder that Nov 13 is World Kindness Day. The more you are kind, the more ways you find to be kind.

kindness day

4 thoughts on “Medical Practice, A Conundrum of Sorts – #6WS & #SoCS

  1. I hope you are feeling better today after the effects of the nerve block wear off. Last winter I had to have a small skin cancer removed from my face. My family doctor did the procedure. She injected me with some numbing medication and began excising the lesion. As she was stitching me up, I began flinching. She asked if I could feel the needle, and I said “Yes.” She couldn’t believe that my body had metabolized the pain medication already, but she gave me another shot, which solved the problem. Maybe you have a fast metabolism, too.


  2. That’s so weird that your surgeon wasn’t even aware of what method of anesthetic would be used. I know he’s not the anesthetist but still he should be working together with the anesthetist. I”m so sorry it was all so painful. Glad you feel better now though. I really hope the numbness in your feet goes away soon. #SoCS


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