Our Firm Foundations

The foundations of anything is what holds it in place, whether it be philosophical or literal. Today we are talking literal, like the foundation of a building. How important is that and putting that foundation in correctly keeps the building from falling down. Still I am talking of another foundation – our foundation – our feet. Have you ever thought how important our toes are and how they keep us from falling over, although some days the toes can’t even correct my error in judgement of just how far over I can reach.

As most of you know I had surgery on my left foot in August of last year and then the right foot in November. Too many years on a concrete manufacturing floor with steel toed shoes combined with a possible birth defect of misalignment of the metatarsal bone going to the big toe that didn’t help the situation. So last week when I went back for a check up and the Dr was not happy with the foot movement(or lack thereof) for the right foot. The big toe was practically frozen in place and the ankle will bend down but does not come  past the standing 90 degrees. So those of you who run will totally understand the need for the mechanics of the foot to move correctly to maintain balance. Where as now, I still walk like a penguin.

Yea, my foot wont bend like this

Today we started physical therapy. It seems my ham string is also frozen as my calf muscle will hardly support me pulling the toes upward while standing on the floor. The right foot is better but we are working on both, plus daily exercises at home. I know how very important the nerves are as well but never thought they had anything to do with my brain telling my toe to move. How very complex our bodies are and how wonderfully beautiful they are as well. My goal was to be walking by spring with my camera – well the snow cover is still too much for that but next week we are supposed to be seasonal temps of the 40s. Wow, what a heat wave. Looking at 6-8 weeks of therapy so maybe by Easter I will be less penguin-ish. So my friends who run, run a few step for me. This has been a long healing haul but I am still hopeful this will take care of a lot of walking issues.

In closing I am reminded of the beauty I see still around me as well of the sadness and I am reminded of just how lucky I am. So as we see those who also struggling let us remember to always be kind. Your kind gesture may be the only kind thing that one person sees that day.




15 thoughts on “Our Firm Foundations

  1. Aw…I was hoping to read you’re healing faster than that! I’m confident you’ll get to be out and about and taking photos again! I hope therapy helps speed the process!! xx


  2. Hope your healing goes well and that you regain movement!! Foot pain is so limiting and when the feet hurts, everything else hurts too. I have a big toe tissue that gives me pain.
    I stay grateful though that I can still walk. No cute shoes however…
    Ugh, such vanity!!!


  3. Ouch!
    I totally sympathise with you and I hope that with physio and exercises you can regain some movement. 🙂
    I also have gammy feet (and many other problems due to hyper-mobility – I can still bend and touch the floor with my hands flat!) I wear serious orthotics and was planning a foot op this year, but am delaying it for as long as possible. Hearing your tale only confirms my decision!
    I like your closing paragraph a lot. There are many old age homes round us. When out at the shops etc I always make time to chat to those who seem to need it – thinking to myself, I may be the only person they talk to that day.


  4. Get those muscles working Anita. I know from my soccer days how important the hamstring muscle is to movement. Important to keep it loose instead of tight. Keep persevering and hopefully you’ll be out and about with your camera come Spring.

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