Sunday Morning Surprise

Surprises are supposed to be good things …right??? Not always. It never ceases to amaze me the things satan will do to try to keep you from going to church; weather issues( 3+ inches of snow will do it for me and my southern roots), health issues and then home issues.

This morning I woke to milk being all over the floor in  the kitchen – what?? Turned out it was not milk but melted ice cream. Fridge died during the night and every thing in it  was dead as well…or dying.  The way I looked at it – it will be there when I get home from church. Going to church anyway. I cleaned the mess off the floor and the freezer was quickly checked and what could be saved was taken downstairs to the big freezer. After lunch we tackled the refrigerator side.

Truth be known, there were some things that should have been tossed last month

So March is going out with a bang. Yippee! I guess the good thing was that due to commitments yesterday, I didn’t get to the grocery store as the normal Saturday chore.

Sunday service was great and I was glad I didn’t miss it. Worship was titled “Is It Real” and dealt with what is worship according to the scriptures and how does that translate to you. I guess satan didn’t want me hearing that message or lifting my heart in praise and worship. Sorry dude, you loose. Worship was great.

Life can throw curve balls at us and how we handle those helps us either strike out or hit a home run. I don’t strike out a lot, but do sometimes. I seldom hit a home run but once in a while it does happen. I am more of a  base hitter trying to get all the way around the bases and with God’s help I usually do but I need His constant guidance knowing when to run and when to stay on base.

I pray that this week, you too get all through the bases, maybe even a home run. Feel His love as He guides your steps and honor Him with your praises. And as you are moving from base to base remember to always be kind. Kindness is a form of love and worship as he tells us “what ever you do for the least of these, you are doing it to me”. So be kind.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Surprise

  1. The devil will do anything to prevent God’s people from pursuing God. Sometimes the distraction or situation is so blatant that you wonder if it’s really happening.
    We are part of a church but because of my daughter’s health issues we do online services. Couple of weeks ago we were watching a sermon when my son accidentally poured a big scoop of fish food instead of a sprinkle into the tank. Ugh…and the sermon topic that Sunday was “Bless this Mess.” I could only laugh…


  2. also – long gone is the day when fridges lasted so long people had them in their garage as backups. – it is so terible that some only last five years (we had a big stainless steel one that bit the dust after five years – ugh)

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