Memorial Day


This is one of the days where we honor our military personnel for the wonderful service they have done in giving us our freedoms we so dearly enjoy. Although I agree with this day I have to ask WHY? Why do I have to set aside a day so that I can remember what has been done for this country? Why is it not remembered at all times? Unfortunately our younger generation has no understanding of war – because our military have done their jobs well. So I guess it is important to set aside a day to show them the importance of this day because if we don’t show them they will never know. But I challenge you further for this day to remember other personnel who fight daily to keep out internal streets secure. Along with our military National Guard, we have many branches of police across this nation, many firefighters and what would we do without emergency responding medical teams.

These forces are just as important and are due recognition as well, so on this Memorial Day I salute ALL branches of personnel that serve this nation to protect it and its people – our military at home and across the seas, our police forces across this fabulous nation, our emergency personnel of fire protection and emergency medical teams. I thank you.

And in Dan Antion’s post he recalled his father making a statement when he was young concerning Memorial Day which should ring loud across this nation, “Be quiet. Show some respect!”

And in closing I always remind my readers of the power of kindness. Kindness is a reflection of the love and goodness of this nation.

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