My Weakness, FOTD

Yes, flowers are a weakness of mine, therefore going to get supplies at Lowes is risky business. I have been real good as of late but Saturday…I gave in to my weakness. They gave me no choice to behave. They didn’t even have a sticker on them telling us what they were, didn’t care. Bought one anyway. If anyone know what it is, I would be grateful. Rich dark green fuzzy leaves and a beautiful stalk of small purple tubers.


A close up…


I hope it is a perennial as I would love to have these blooming next year as well. I am in planning stages of building a humming bird flower bed. With all the flowers I had this year I did see quite a few but I want them to stay closer so maybe I can catch them on camera.

Cee Neuner give us the fun challenge of Flower of The Day so I am enjoying this challenge. As you enjoy the fun of challenges and the beauty of other’s pictures, remember the lift and enjoyment they bring and share that lift with others. Help brighten each others day and always be kind.




4 thoughts on “My Weakness, FOTD

  1. Oh, those are pretty. They definitely look like a flower that would attract the hummingbirds! I don’t know what they are called, though, sorry. My hummingbirds have been tickled pink with the Zinnias. They also love the impatiens, I don’t have any of those, the nasty bugs like them too much. Happy gardening to you!

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