Textures, Photo A Week Challenge

Nancy Merrill has challenged us with a wonderful word of textures. We normally think of textures as material, like the difference between silk and wool but textures have many forms from the visual sense, touching sense and even the emotional sense.

Visual senses can also tie in with the touching sense like in the texture of a painted wall or the texture of sculptured carpet, which can also show textures of color patterns.

In the plant world you have many textures of leaf types which also are visual and feel totally different, like the thin ribbed look and feel of a banana tree leaf or the thick rubbery pointed leaf of the Christmas cactus. What about the thick fuzzy leaf of a African violet? All leaves are designed to serve the environment and the plant that they support.

Let’s go a little different direction with the scratchy roughness of your best friends paw, verses the soft velvety feel of their ears. Each designed with a purpose.

All textures have a purpose in their design, whether they were created by God above or by an ingenious man who proved the reason for the creation.

Let’s go one step over and talk about a non-touchable textures. A texture that you can feel but not with your hands. The texture of emotions. These are textures you can chose to use and temper for good or let them run wild into the wind.

Jesus is a contrast of textures as strength in the Lion of Judah and gentleness as the lamb of salvation. A complicated and difficult texture to be. Gentle to all but strong enough to stand against evil.

As you study all the textures of life that surround you, remember to be strong and safe but always be kind as it reflects God’s love that shines down on us all.

Kindness 18

May you all have a great holiday weekend, and if it is not a holiday weekend for you where you are, still have a great weekend.

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