Monday Windows of Old

Doors and windows are the very breath of a building. They either let people go in and out or they let light and air in and out. Old architecture has always fascinated me with the intricate details they used with masonry and stone. Below are a few from around town that I thought were interesting.

Ludwig has invited us to join his challenge Monday Windows to post your “Monday Window” photos on your blog. Tag your post Monday Window and add #MondayWindow in your text. See other window post here.

Norm has always let us show amazing doors so I am glad someone came up with windows as both show the beauty and heart of a building.

Upstairs downtown


This is from the college with the dormer type windows and the concrete arch ones below.

Windows let in the light of day and shine out the light of man at night. Always let your light shine though your window and be kind.


9 thoughts on “Monday Windows of Old

  1. Thank you for sharing these neat windows. And thank you for joining the Monday Window challenge. Seems like there is one other thing windows can do: With these images they connect people all across the world and form friendships. 🙂

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  2. Your location appears to be very scenic. Looking at your post, I just had a thought. Whenever I go to the doctor’s office, my anxiety level goes through the roof. More often than not, I’m put in a patient room with no windows. It’s like being buried alive.Small wonder my blood pressure sky-rockets!

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