We All Need…

There are many types of creatures on this earth, some we call solitary but I don’t think anything is truly solitary. It is not how God designs anything. I have been concerned for my dog Mimi as there seemed to be a sadness about her. She was a rescue and although I got her when she was young there are still underlying issues of trauma from her youth that still show 6 years later. I can tell from her behavior. I just wish I knew what they were so that maybe I could remedy her stress or fear.

Instead, I got her a playmate. At first it was “Whaaat is this???” But then a light started to shine in Mimi that I had not seen. She began to show tenderness and love. She has never been an affectionate dog and I had learned to accept that but it shied me away from rescues as while I knew many needed rescuing, I am not sure I am the best one for it. As the days have now turned into 3 weeks, Mimi now wags her tail and she comes up to be loved on – is it a jealously thing or is it a beginning of understanding of tenderness and love? I don’t know but I am glad to see it. I have a baby gate setup in the hall to the bedrooms and when Mimi has had enough, she whines to go to her room which is where she would spend a large part of the day before hand because that is where the bay window is for guard patrol of the front of the house. She is definitely a guard patrol dog – the entire street knows it.

mailman (2)

I bought a rubber chew bone, puppy size for Daisy, but Mimi feel in love with it, playing with it as well between the two of them until it was destroyed. Today we got a new bone – a Kong large bone for them to play with and it is amazing how gentle they play together. But there are the crazy chasing moments where they are both running circles around the ottoman, a happy crazy that sometime has to be slowed down for my sanity.



But even crazy dogs get tired and need to rest…


So I remind you of my thoughts, that we are all created to share love and kindness. As God shared his love with us, we in turn need to share it with others – sometime inter-specie as well. And in all things regardless of specie, try to be kind. It is a true reflection of who we should be.

animalkind 12


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