Migration of the Monarch

It’s October and the time when the Monarch Butterflies head to Mexico or southern California. We don’t see a lot of them in my neck of the woods of Iowa but the smattering few that do happen by are quite beautiful. I saw several of them yesterday swooping around my dianthus so I was able to snap a few shots.

God’s beauty

While the butterfly is a fragile creature, it has the fortitude to fly hundreds of miles to warmer climates for winter. Yet it is easily crushed with unkind acts. People seem stronger than butterflies but in reality they are just as fragile on the inside as the strongest butterfly, so always be kind. Let you kindness open the beautiful wings of warmth of the butterflies that are in side of us, so that the warmth grows to others.

kindness butterfly1


kindness butterfly

All creatures understand the fragility and beauty of kindness, and the necessity for its use.

One thought on “Migration of the Monarch

  1. Thank you for this reminder of the fragility of beauty. When we were at the beach in SC last week we sat out in the pool one afternoon and counted over 300 monarchs flying south past us in about an hour’s time. It was amazing!

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