Monday Windows, My Favorite

Ludwig created a fun and interesting post for Mondays similar to Norm’s Thursday Doors – Monday Windows. Do go by and check both sites out for some beautiful photographs.

I have not posted on this in a bit as I have been busy but I had been showing you the beautiful windows from my church. The church was built in the 1800’s and the windows were dedicated to founding members in the late 1800’s. My favorite one I am posting today as it symbolizes who we are and who Jesus is. We are the sheep, sometime lost, and he is the shepherd, always ready to pull us out of harms way.

The Lord is My Shepherd

For all the blessing he has done for us, he always did them kindly, therefore we must turn in like and always be kind.

kind flower



13 thoughts on “Monday Windows, My Favorite

  1. Stain glass windows in churches remind me of the warm days in elementary school. I went to a Lutheran school and we were in chapel A LOT. It was a quiet time where teachers were nice and you didn’t have to talk.
    They are lovely to look at when the sun shines through them!

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