The Use of Pacifiers, #SoCS

What a controversial topic for a quiet Saturday morning that almost has as many opinions as there are types of pacifiers. My babies were thumb babies, those were more convenient but the disadvantage is when it’s time for them to be gone, you can’t throw it out the window while driving down the highway. My daughter bought one for her youngest nephew, her younger brother’s last child, which we both thought was hilarious. As far as I know, it was never used but I found this picture on line and thought I would share and no this is not my grandson but he is a cutie.


But the passe I am referring to today is a total different type of pacifier and one I will miss when it gets to warm to use….the fireplace.

The passe at my house

These two can be running with the ball, yanking on the rope or just barking loud at each other as they race through the house. BUT when I turn on the gas fireplace, the world comes to a complete stop. So last night they were driving me crazy as I was trying to get some writing done, so I turned on the fireplace and five minutes later…

So we all settled down for a quiet evening and enjoyed the soft Christmas lights and a warm fireplace. Do you have things in your home to settle the loud noises of life? If so share away, I love seeing how we all learn ways to quiet the loudness of life.

I post this in with others who enjoy Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday and today’s theme is loud. I know my house really gets loud sometimes, so every effort at calm and quiet is well appreciated.

While this season can be loud with parties and family, remember this is also season of joy, love and peace. So share you peace with others and know that some are hurting in may ways. Even those who put on a brave face can still be hurting. So be kind through the season and carry it with you through the next year.

Kindness Christmas


8 thoughts on “The Use of Pacifiers, #SoCS

  1. We’ve been in our house 32 years, and I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve used the fireplace. two reasons: cats and cleanup. We went with gas, but it didn’t solve the issue of the cats…

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  2. Beautiful post. The picture with the fireplace is so inviting. We are soothed here by the constant sound of the ocean “singing”. It always sings at the same pitch. Scientists have identified this frequency as 528 Hz. There is much info on the internet on that healing sound. God blesses all of us so much. Thanks also for a reminder to be sensitive to the fact that this time of year is difficult for more people than we may realize. 🤗

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    1. I miss the ocean since I grew up in Florida but now I am fully land locked in the middle of the country. I have the Mississippi close by but its a totally different feel and sound.


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