Kindness of Humanity

As a world population, we have a tendency to do our own thing according to how we see it works best for us. Wow – have we gotten a wake up call. The majority of the world is in some sort of lock down. The United States because of its size and the freedoms we believe in having, seems to be hit the worst because it took us longer to give up those freedoms and we are suffering for it. Currently 502,876 total cases according to one source. But that is not the purpose for this post.

The purpose is to honor the heroes. Yes, the big heroes are in the medical professionals, the police and fire fighters and our military who are doing everything they can to keep us safe and survive this nightmare.

But the next level down and less in the minds eye but no less important are the truck drivers and the grocery store personnel keeping us supplied in a mass of fear and panic hoarding people.

But I am still talking more about those who are less out of the minds eye, who are also going out of their way and possible personal safety to help others who are in even worse shape. In my mind, there is one major human feature that some other animals on the earth don’t seem to have or use often as humans do and that feature is kindness towards those less fortunate and stepping in to help when needed.

The hero stories like the paperboy who knew his customers were elderly that left a note in the papers he delivered that he would help them shop or do anything he could to help them. He now buys groceries for over 50 homes. They leave him money and a list and he shops for them leaving the groceries on the porch for them to pick up.

Or how about the couple who pasted hearts with notes on the windows of the nursing homes. Then the one that made the news of the lady that rented a scissors lift to wish her friend in a nursing a happy birthday then allowed other family members in that nursing home to use the lift to visit their family members.

The heroes of human kindness. These times are indeed rough for all of us. And its these stories that build us up in the hope of human kindness. My hope is that when this is done that we never never lose this much needed love and kindness for fellow man. Life is so much more than the busyness and ladder climbing we have made it to be. May this time help us to rediscover the truly important aspects on love and kindness.

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