The Speech of Ping

Its here and I hear it, with the loud pinging voice

We really don’t want it here but we have no choice

We gasp at the voice of ” “, a voice so soft it’s not really heard

And soon the voice of ” ” will appear, a voice much more preferred

So we must not worry and we must not fret

For ” ” will soon cover ping’s slippery threat

Once ping is down it crunches under your feet

Where ” ” sounds like cotton rubbing together of sheets

And while this jot makes absolutely no sense

It is the first of January and in my defense

I write the sound difference between the sleeting ping

And the soft gentle sound when it is fully snowing.

It’s coming soon…

Come join in on the fun of JusJoJan with Linda Hill and lets give this new year a proper start.

And as always, remember to be kind.

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