Beauty in Cold

The temperatures get cold and we feel it upon our face

Cold you don’t see but it gives you a beauty to embrace

As the moisture in the air clings to objects it may touch

On the cheeks of the people it will create a rosy blush

But the true beauty of cold lies high up for to see

As moisture comes to rest on the out limbs of the tree

With the sun glistening off ice on objects up above

Reminds you of God’s proof for each season of His love

So embrace each season of life that is coming your way

And remember the beauty of each and every day.

Anita Neal

We are reminded through all the season of the year, how similar they can be to our own life as we go through them. While winter itself can be harsh, it has a beauty all its own. Photographers around the world have shown us the amazing beauty of winter. These are a few I took yesterday and this morning. When we think of the winter of our lives, remember the beauty you can still share to encourage others of the beauty we all can see. All seasons have a beauty to give and be seen.

And as always remember the beauty of kindness. It can leave a lasting impression through all seasons.

Always be Kind

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