Life’s Storms

Life presents us with many types of storms. Regardless of whether they are weather related or not, all storms can be survived if we all work together in helping each other to survive life’s storms. This morning Cee Neuner posted a picture of her CFFC page that I though was so beautiful. It spoke of the many storms we all go through in life. This past year there was a storm that hit us world wide and while it separated us physically, I saw many of us come together online in ways we never thought we could before – encouraging each of us in how to survive this storm. So I borrowed Cee’s photo and wrote a poem about it. May we all learn the value of coming together when times are hard so they we all survive. Thank you, Cee, for allowing me to use you picture.

Storm is A’comin

The storm was a’comin, bearing down on the small town

People were hurriedly tethering everything down

Communication poles were lashed in place real tight

In preparation for the coming winds and their great might

It had been several years since a big storm came through

This one came up fast, but they knew what to do

All the people of the town worked hard together

To be sure all were safe from this upcoming weather

As the storm loomed closer, people gathered down below

For the safety of their families as the winds began to blow

Once the storm had passed, and they could look out to see

They can come back together for the beauty of life to be.

Anita Neal

I remind you as always the power and necessity of kindness, especially during times of storms. It is through nurturing and kindness that we are able to withstand the winds of storms.

Always Be Kind

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