Amazing Stonework, June 21

Good evening friends. It is time again to share the beauty you find concerning stonework. It can be actual stones, fancy blocks, or concrete. When I started this challenge I was wanting to share old architecture across the world. To me it has a different class to today’s modern streamline structures. So, share the beauty of old that you see.

Today I want to share corners. Inner edge corners and outer edge corners and this week I have two different buildings. Both have very intricate details in concrete as they swoop around in their perspective direction.

This shows concrete, stone and brick

The details in all the levels and the corner pieces. I cant imagine what it would cost to build something like this today. I was not able to find a date for this building.

Amazing details here as well, especially at the inner corner. Come join in the the fun and share the beauty that you see. Remember to include the badge from above and the tag for Amazing Stonework but most of all have fun.

And in closing I remind you of the power of kindness. Let it move with you wherever you go.

Be Profoundly Kind

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