Amazing Stonework, July 19

Good afternoon friends. I started this challenge to share the beauty in older designs and architectures of the past that are in my area. So join in and share the beauty of stonework, brick, or concrete buildings in your area with interesting designs. Include the tag above so that others can tie in with you.

Today’s subject is an old bank, American Commercial and Savings Bank, that I am not sure is even being used at all. It is generally very quiet around it even thought it has 5 floors above from today’s focus. Today we are studying the three arch windows above the the main entrance of the second floor. So I tie in again with Ludwig’s Monday Windows for sharing the beauty of ornate windows.

The windows and the door itself are a combination of ornate and columned ironwork as well as detailed masonry. The center window has an ironwork eagle that ties in with the other metalwork of the window. The detailed masonry above the windows looks more beautiful with the colors of aging dripping down their faces. While the two side windows are not as ornate as the center window, their beauty is still amazing.

The center window highlights the filigree from above the door bringing in more hearty metal work to show off the beauty of the center window. The masonry details inside the arch of this window make it even more lovely.

So I challenge you to not dismiss those old building but to look for the art and design that was created with far less technology than we have available for us today. Share it with us here and appreciate the artist of then.

And as always I remind you of the beauty of kindness. It is what make our world beautiful. Use it often.

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