Amazing Stonework, August 3

I have enjoyed sharing the amazing buildings in my area that are considered old. Most are still very much in use but all show incredible artistry of that day. Today’s post is close to my heart as it is my home church, First Baptist Church of Davenport, Iowa.

This church, built in 1889, was originally named Calvary Baptist but later became know as First Baptist. It is a building built with brick, carved stone and decorative concrete. One of the interesting features to me is the building corners which are not sharp corners but rounded. The steeple used to sit atop the squared off section above the door but a tornado came through in the 50s and sent the steeple through the roof – on top of the pipes for the organ. Yeah, those had to be replaced but they make a beautiful sound today.

As with most churches there are many beautiful windows but I am partial to these not only because of the beautiful stained glass but the way the stone, brick and concrete highlight their beauty.

In more modern years, an extra window of glass was added to preserve and protect the original windows. the heavy wooden doors also have a stained glass window above them.

The windows on the side that are the adult classrooms are a favorite of mine due to the large decorative concrete panels.

The full side of the building…

This is amazing artistry when you think about construction that was nearly 130 years ago. Even the far side wall has a little artistry to it as the wall is curved instead of a straight and features glass blocks in the windows.

Since I am including a lot of window pictures here, I want to tie in with Ludwig’s Monday Windows. Windows are an opening that allow light to shine through. And we as Christians need to be windows to allow the love of Christ to shine in and through us.

Look around your area and see the beauty of architecture from long ago. It can be quite amazing when you really look. And as always, remember to be kind. Kindness radiates as bright as any window and shows a beauty beyond compare.

Always be kind

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