Amazing Stonework, August 10

Good afternoon friends. Today’s building is quite beautiful but I am not sure what the column material is – red marble or red granite. I may do the high school next week because even the blocks seem to be out of the same material where today’s building is brick and concrete with the red columns.

The Rock Island County office building has beautiful details of concrete that show off the brick around the building. You can see the edge here in this picture, delicate details in concrete. I find it amazing.

The front door is surrounded by massive columns, and a large archway open through the concrete columns above.

The inner area inside the columns show intricate details on all edges and levels. The ax, gavel, and greenery with ribbon are interesting.

The corners of the building each have a detailed roof design with what I am assuming may have some copper metal somewhere due to the greenness, or just painted that color. But the concrete design in the block panels are similar to what we have been seeing in other building of that time.

Thank you for coming to read about the old stone buildings in my area. If you have them in your area, feel free to share them with us here. And as always remember to be kind. Kindness shows inner power, strength and beauty.

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